Saturday, January 01, 2011


For the month of January Inner-X-Musick is giving away the new track "Vinyl Venom Vixen"! Three versions of it actually! It is located at their "Bandcamp" site. Here is the write up;
FREE SLEEPCHAMBER SINGLE!! Free Download available as a free download from Jan 1st to Jan 31 2011. Contains 3 versions of Vinyl Venom Vixen (off the upcoming new CD SHEMHAMFORASH due out spring 2011). Only available during the month of January 2011!
Track Listing;
1 Vinyl Venom Vixen #1

2 Vinyl Venom Vixen #2

3 CeremonialJam (Live Mix)

1 Vinyl Venom Vixen (WBRS Soundcheck)

Get it HERE

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