Monday, January 24, 2011

Lovac - Apes Of A Cold God (2010)

Here is a fun one from our friends at Soleilmoon Recordings. This one was also sent by "O". Lovac is a somewhat new band... well, actually they have one release on Douglas P. label under the name "Down In June".

"Apes Of A Cold God" is actually a quite good record. Combining this music with text fragments from Karl Marx, Antonin Artaud and Percy Bysshe Shelley your sure to find something you will agree with! No? Get over yourself.

Hey I got an idea, why not say "thank you" to "O" for sharing with us?!?!?!?

Track Listing;
1 Crkveno Zvono I
2 Murder
3 March Of Pride
4 Fiend
5 Filth Of A Paradise
6 Welcome
7 Apes Of A Cold God
8 Human/Race
9 Crkveno Zvono II
10 Spider/General
11 Pull The Trigger
12 I Spell B
13 Promet
14 City & Solitude
15 Visitors From China
16 War (Cause & Effect)
17 Cruel Ruler
18 Just Like Your Father
19 Crkveno Zvono III
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