Thursday, January 06, 2011

P.S. Bingo - Beware (Remastered) (1986)

Originally released in 1986 as a split 90 minute cassete with If, Bwana and P.S. Bingo. Remastered and bestowed upon us by the saintly Peter. The original release was on Sound Of Pig (SOP24). This remastered verison clocks in at a little over 45 minutes of cool noise! Here is what Peter said:
The music began as a long jam in Tucson by me and a young gutter punk named John Langford (not the well-known Jon Langford of Mekons/Three Johns fame, obviously) using toy instruments and percussion recorded on an ancient reel-to-reel deck. Later, in San Diego, assisted by sometime PS Bingo member Joel Nowak, I slowed down the tape and layered loops and other recordings on top, as well as adding about 10 minutes of new material for the Sound of Pig Music release. The master I sent Al Margolis for the release was mastered at a really low level for some reason... most likely due to my general technical ineptness. Recently, I digitized the master and manipulated the EQ for a much fuller, louder sound. It's probably about 30 minutes too long, but is not without its charms.
The download comes with revamped cover art and credits. Don't forget to say thanks!

Track Listing;
1 Beware

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