Friday, January 28, 2011

Ardecore - San Cadoco (2010)

Here is another present from the mysterious "O". Ardecore is an Italian group who would fall under the category of "tradional folk" of their mother countries past. But this release has a bit of a rock edge which almost made me leave it off this blog. My thought is, if you can hear it on the radio... why bother with it here.

But it has a pleasant vibe to it. Perhaps even a "world" feel to the release....

Let me know what you think.

Track Listing CD1;
1 San Cadoco
2 Meravigliosamente
3 Non Si Può
4 Santa Gilda
5 Tentazione
6 Il Nuovo Giorno
7 Per Quella Lei Ci Muore
8 Gronge Meraviglia
9 Oggi È Domenica
10 SNessuno Sa Più Bene

Track Listing CD2;
1 Visione In Sogno Della Città Delle Meraviglie
2 Io De Sospiri
3 Vola, Vola
4 La Povera Cecilia
5 I Biondi Capelli
6 Sesta Visione, Il Libro Che Vola
7 Te Possino Da Tante Cortellate
8 Nina Viè Giù

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