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The Nurse With Wound List: 6

The Nurse With Wound List. Are you familiar with it? Originally this list was featured on the first Nurse With Wound LP, "Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella". Since it's publishing the list has grown as a guide for would be collectors and purveyors ov the odd. Here is a wonderful write up on the list.;
To collectors of unusual music this list is legendary. It contains the found gems of obsessive collector [4] and musician [2] Steven Stapleton along with early NWW member John Fothergill. The List was originally included with Nurse With Wound's first two albums but was later expaned by the Freeman Brothers in their "The Audion Guide to Nurse With Wound" [5,6].

In addition to being a list of some of the most 'out music' artists around, it also is a list of the major influences of Nurse With Wound (as well as the Unitied Dairies label). The emphasis of this website is on the influence aspect. External links are provided (for the labels as well as the artists) for those wishing to explore them in a wider context.

Because the list only gives the artist names and not specific albums there is some debate over what the list refers to. Collector who blindly buy any album by the artists will end up with more than a few mediocre releases. My annotated list seeks to give a shortlist of recordings by each artists that most influenced their inclusion on the NWW list.
A couple of years back I decided to investigate further. Some of the artist I was familiar with, others were news to me. I assembled a series of CDs for listening to during my commute. Not sure how many I ended up with. This is the 6th in the series.

The musick here-within is an eclectic group. You will find the complex hard progressive rock of Food Brain, the amazing pioneers of Krautrock Gila, early electronica and tape delay with Terry Riley, the free jazz improvisation of Iskra 1903, the more familar Kautrock of Neu!, the space rock of Arzachel, the psychedelic and expiermental Brave New World, the weird Robert Wyatt (and I mean that as a positive way), and just the plain out their sensibilities ov the obscure Sally Smmit And Her Musicians.

Keep in mind, I have no idea if these are even the tracks that influenced the "List". None-the-less, they are artist featured on the list. If there is interest, I will post other mixes.... Enjoy... It's a trippy, jazzy, melodic, nosiey journey.

Track Listing;
Clock - Food Brain

from 1970 LP Social Gathering
Kollaps - Gila

from 1971 LP Gila
A Rainbow In Curved Air - Terry Riley

from 1971 LP A Rainbow In Curved Air
Improvisation 5018 - Iskra 1903

from 1972 LP Iskra 1903
5 Hallogallo

from 1972 LP Neu!
Metampsychosis - Arzachel

from 1969 LP Arzachel
Lenna - Brave New World

from 1972 LP Brave New World (Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley)
To The Old World (Thank You For The Use Of Your Body, Goodbye) - Robert Wyatt

From the 1970 LP The End Of An Ear
Part One (edit) - Sally Smmit And Her Musicians

from 1979 LP Hangahar

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