Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Satan’s Tastemakers Episode #4

If you haven't stopped by Satan's Tastemakers Podcast, you are missing an awesome opportunity to find new and FREE musick! Here's the write up on this weeks show
Satan’s Tastemakers, snuffled out and brought to you by the truffle pigs of free digital music P. Emerson Williams and TheeBradMiller.

This edition was gathered during a foray into the darkest woods of electronic, experimental and noise releases of the Bleak Label from Austria and the long-running CyberfArts label out of the Netherlands. We will hear from CyberfArts mastermind and the artist behind PAGAN GADGET, Dead Skull, Skattor Minox and many, many more Ferenc Teglas AKA DJ Vrhovny and Bleak label CEO Bernard Hansbauer.

Check it out HERE

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