Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Salakapakka Sound System - Eyewitness Protection Program (2011)

God I love Salakapakka Sound System! Here is their/his latest endeavor. It is featured on the label "SPETTRO". Never heard of the label, but a look over their site looks like it will be worth quite a few trips back!


Here is write up on the release from SPETTRO.
"Eyewitness protection program is a compilation of tracks made in 2010 which did not fit or did not find place in other releases of that year. They represent a variety of Salakapakka Sound System sound: from dark & dirty ambient to guitar improvisation and pure noise with elements of thrash metal and even hardcore techno. This time Salakapakka Sound System used digital and analog synths, found sounds, samples, guitar & found objects."
So, download it... say thank you (you won't), support SPETTRO (you should).

Track Listing;
1 The Last Rays Of The Dying Sun

2 ##O++

3 Nobel Art Of White Slavery 1

4 Heatwave

5 Nobel Art Of White Slavery 2

6 Moth Man
World... Is A Pink Fairytale/Guitar Piece #5

Get it HERE


  1. Bloody hell. I thought you disappeared from blogosphere forever. Glad to see you back and thanks for support.

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