Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Bonequinho (“bo-neh-kin-ho” / bnqnh, 3-18-1993) is a Brazilian experimental act/garage band producing audio recordings, visual arts and texts; it performs live since 1995. The members have changed innumerable times, so the atmospheres.

Formed in a small city (Bauru, Sao Paulo’s inland), Bonequinho played along with different bands and styles in underground/small events, from anarcho-punk gigs to hip-hop and “popular music” shows, among others.

Bonequinho has always worked with raw improvisation, sensorial and extreme manifests as a language of self-communication.

Bonequinho- My favorite masters of noise out of Brazil have assembled a trifecta of fun! Three new releases from these masters of mayhem!! You can check it out in their bi-lingual web site. GO HERE FOR THE FUN!

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