Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Another freebie from the creative mind of P. Emerson Williams. Yes. He is the madman of the studio. Did you check out the XXX-Mas tune? This one is under the guise of CHORONZON. It starts off with a very cool retro-feel before it takes you into the abyss (where you will fail, and be eternally cast into the fire while the Great Beasts laughs at your general ineptitude). But hey, its all part of the season ov giving.....

Speaking of giving... there is an abundance of literature in this download as well. Your expected to read it all and give a full report in 24 hours. DAMN! I got to get people to comment some how!!!!!

Track Listing;
Mind Control (Peeling the Layers)
Mind Control (Core)
Mind Control (Rebuilding)

Get it HERE

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