Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GRAMMAL SEIZURE - AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010

When I make GRAMMAL SEIZURE recordings they are totally therapeutic to me. It’s a release that would other wise manifest itself in me harming myself amongst other things. When I record it’s just like painting to me, just an extension of being an artist. That’s probably why I quit playing in bands because I like to work alone for the most part, and you can totally do that with Power Electronics and make great music. And yes I totally like to assault the listener with the sound as well. I know that I enjoy the power of this music when it just steamrolls over my brain, it releases something inside. So I know other’s enjoy that feeling / sound as well. That’s the thing with power electronics, it’s not just a sound and there is really for the most part no melodic structure to follow… It’s chaotic and it’s a feeling. I enjoy that. People either like it or not… there is no in between ground in Power Electronics…
Erik Stanger - Famous When Dead (2009)

The mighty, mighty GRAMMAL SEIZURE returned this year with the magnificently powerful DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS. It had been nearly a year and a half break for GRAMMAL SEIZURE. Anybody who frequents this blog has heard enough free GRAMMAL SEIZURE to fill half an iPod. The tracks are always brutal. With release titles like "PLEASURE THROUGH PAIN" and "THE MECHANICS OF SUICIDE" Erik Stanger's GRAMMAL SEIZURE has been pounding peoples skulls and crushing peoples brains for 4 years!

Now comes the newest GRAMMAL SEIZURE release. "AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010" is a 20 track retrospective. It contains 7 unreleased tracks between 2007-2010, and the other tracks are off of the long out of print GRAMMAL SEIZURE releases between 2007-2010...

You can buy as "AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010"well as "DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS" at the GRAMMAL SEIZURE web shop HERE



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  2. Hi Brad!
    Are you still alive? Your blog was more than inspiring to me. As a teenager in the last decade, I spent digging in to endless Sleep Chamber Material. Also Coup de Grace, you name it. Your blog was very important in discovering and understanding music. Just wanted to say that because little interesting and unique blogs exist nowadays.
    You had good things to talk about and to say when I think back of it. I really miss the time when all the real blogs were running and my 16 year old brain was filled with all this information. At least I try and stay true to this old world of the blogs and hope to keep it alive with unique material and similar feel.

    Bence - AI