Thursday, March 24, 2011

As it is...

...I began to look at this blog as an anvil hanging around my neck. Every time I saw the book mark on fire fox for the blog I felt guilty. I felt like I needed to post something!!!! But I have never felt like posting things unless I was inspired. I honestly grew tired of posting DIJ, PTV, et al. I suppose I may do that again, but it has not been the focus for a while...

And when I did post, no one wrote shit back. I know I had said that I didn't post for the comments... but a guy gets lonely. I wanted love. I wanted food. I wanted special little donuts. And they never came....

So I shut it down. But to my surprise, I received a TON of wonderful emails and FB messages and comments on pages that people know I go to or run... and I felt the love. My cold heart was warmed. So I brought BGTMTDI back.

But here is the deal. I don't think I can reclaim the glory of 2 years ago when the blog was running full steam. Your input would be great, but I will post when the mood strikes, or news happens that I want to pass along... or an artist comes around that I want to shove down the throats of any little chicks that don't mind me barfing in their mouths...

"A man cannot change his way of life by changing his clothes nor by speaking with a different voice. To change basically, permanently and meaningfully he must reach down into himself and pluck himself out by the roots."


  1. How about reposting those Because God... compilations + That´s Romance + tribute to Ruth White? They are worth re-upping.

  2. Add my name to the hordes that missed you Brad! Just found this page after hunting through Way Back and variations of your name! The new Gothick album Zodios is out on CD now from Quarter23 !

  3. Brad - Trust me, you were missed and you are loved! Unfortunately, due to the Canada Post lockout, little donuts will not be on the way:(
    I apologize for asking, but any chance that TBM radio will be reactivated? I lost the last 20 or so episodes before I had a chance to copy them to disc... Also, do you have any info on what is going on with Inner X?

  4. I, too, belatedly discovered this bright, shining spot of awesomeness, and DESPERATELY wish you'd come back to us... I would also, by the way, murder many, many little children for a re-upload of the Coup De Grace stuff!

  5. I second the re-upload of the Coup De Grace stuff!!! That shit was spectacular however my comp. that I downloaded it with has been stolen and I've lost a lot of the good ole stuff I've downloaded once upon a time ... late at night when I couldn't sleep.... frollicking through this majestic piece of internet...

  6. Hello! Yes, please, please do re-upload the Ruth White Tribute! It doesn't fall on deaf ears, you know!