Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Plastic People Of The Universe - Eliášův Oheň

"Eliášův Oheň" is actuall part of a box set simply titled "The Plastic People Of The Universe". This particular LP in the 8 LP set is titled " Eliášův Oheň" and features live performances from 72 to 76.

The Plastic People Of The Universe is a band out of Prague, Czech Republic. From 1968 to the late 1980's they were the premier underground band in what then called Czechoslovakia. By underground I am not talking about our modern definition of underground (face it, most of us are fat and happy with no real fear or repercussions for what we choose to listen too). Nope. Plastic People Of The Universe face persecution and arrest for being a band. Often credited as being the leader of the Máničky (aka hippies) and were harassed and often arrested for throwing gigs.

There are to many stories to cover in the blog here, but wikipedia offers a glimpse at the following links...

Other interesting readings;

Track Listing;
Indian Hay
Růže A Mrtví
Na Sosnové Větvi
Ach To Státu Hanobení
Eliášův Oheň
Phallus Impudicus

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