Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GRAMMAL SEIZURE - AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010

When I make GRAMMAL SEIZURE recordings they are totally therapeutic to me. It’s a release that would other wise manifest itself in me harming myself amongst other things. When I record it’s just like painting to me, just an extension of being an artist. That’s probably why I quit playing in bands because I like to work alone for the most part, and you can totally do that with Power Electronics and make great music. And yes I totally like to assault the listener with the sound as well. I know that I enjoy the power of this music when it just steamrolls over my brain, it releases something inside. So I know other’s enjoy that feeling / sound as well. That’s the thing with power electronics, it’s not just a sound and there is really for the most part no melodic structure to follow… It’s chaotic and it’s a feeling. I enjoy that. People either like it or not… there is no in between ground in Power Electronics…
Erik Stanger - Famous When Dead (2009)

The mighty, mighty GRAMMAL SEIZURE returned this year with the magnificently powerful DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS. It had been nearly a year and a half break for GRAMMAL SEIZURE. Anybody who frequents this blog has heard enough free GRAMMAL SEIZURE to fill half an iPod. The tracks are always brutal. With release titles like "PLEASURE THROUGH PAIN" and "THE MECHANICS OF SUICIDE" Erik Stanger's GRAMMAL SEIZURE has been pounding peoples skulls and crushing peoples brains for 4 years!

Now comes the newest GRAMMAL SEIZURE release. "AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010" is a 20 track retrospective. It contains 7 unreleased tracks between 2007-2010, and the other tracks are off of the long out of print GRAMMAL SEIZURE releases between 2007-2010...

You can buy as "AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010"well as "DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS" at the GRAMMAL SEIZURE web shop HERE


Sonic Protest Festival

The Sonic Protest Festival is a 4 days festivl around Paris (5th edition) where you can here a various range of musics including freejazz, improv, noise, etc...

Of particular interest to readers of this blog will be the April 7th date which will feature RAMLEH, and CLUB MORAL. Get me a recording of April 7th and I will name my next dog after you.

For more info go to www.sonicprotest.com for details

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Plastic People Of The Universe - Eliášův Oheň

"Eliášův Oheň" is actuall part of a box set simply titled "The Plastic People Of The Universe". This particular LP in the 8 LP set is titled " Eliášův Oheň" and features live performances from 72 to 76.

The Plastic People Of The Universe is a band out of Prague, Czech Republic. From 1968 to the late 1980's they were the premier underground band in what then called Czechoslovakia. By underground I am not talking about our modern definition of underground (face it, most of us are fat and happy with no real fear or repercussions for what we choose to listen too). Nope. Plastic People Of The Universe face persecution and arrest for being a band. Often credited as being the leader of the Máničky (aka hippies) and were harassed and often arrested for throwing gigs.

There are to many stories to cover in the blog here, but wikipedia offers a glimpse at the following links...

Other interesting readings;

Track Listing;
Indian Hay
Růže A Mrtví
Na Sosnové Větvi
Ach To Státu Hanobení
Eliášův Oheň
Phallus Impudicus

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List: 3

"With the aid of electronic computers the composer becomes a sort of pilot ... sailing in the space of sound, across sonic constellations and galaxies ..."
Iannis Xenakis
I think this rounds out the collection.... Consider this my inaugural post after my temper tantrum. Oh, and by the way.... one thing I am NOT interested in is reposting older posts. Don't ask. I won't respond, and don't plan on reposting. All of the old posts are from a time now past...

Welcome to the future. I am Your future.

Amongs to quirky pop, drippy/dippy psychedelia, and artsy jazz on this - the third volume of The Nurse With Wound List - you will find some true inovation. Beginning with one of my all time favorite records "Geri Reig" by Der Plan. Remember as you listen to the track, it was written in fucking 1979/80!!! The quality is perfection in my ears.

Another jewel is the Iannis Xenakis. Xenakis recording are on par with Ruth White in terms of their revolutionary sound, and on par with John Cage with their sheer madness. Trying to pick out a Xenakis track was nearly impossible. So I chose one that I thought was annoying enough to turn a few of you off.... cause that's how I roll.

And yet another great track on here is "Toxika" by The Plastic People … Prague (aka The Plastic People Of The Universe). If you are unfamiliar with the awesome band from Prauge you MUST do your research. They are somewhat like Gong... only not at all. Search them out, and after you have listened to enough you might agree with me.

Track Listing;
San José Car Muzak - Der Plan

from 1980 LP Geri Reig
Summertime Blues - The Flying Lizards

from 1979 LP The Flying Lizards
Diamorphoses II - Iannis Xenakis

from 1972 LP Electro-Acoustic Music
Jazzi Jazzi/Der Geier Fliegt Vorbei - Tomorrow's Gift

from 1973 LP Goodbye Future
Lucifer - Dies Irae

from the 1971 LP First
Blue Sun - Blue Sun

from 1971 LP Blue Sun
Nirvana For Mice - Henry Cow

from 1973 LP The Henry Cow Legend
Rrose Sélavy - Juan Hidalgo

from 1977 LP Rrose Sélavy
Toxika - The Plastic People … Prague

from 1978 LP Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned
Rock N' Roll - Whitehouse
from 1980 LP Birthdeath Experience

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

As it is...

...I began to look at this blog as an anvil hanging around my neck. Every time I saw the book mark on fire fox for the blog I felt guilty. I felt like I needed to post something!!!! But I have never felt like posting things unless I was inspired. I honestly grew tired of posting DIJ, PTV, et al. I suppose I may do that again, but it has not been the focus for a while...

And when I did post, no one wrote shit back. I know I had said that I didn't post for the comments... but a guy gets lonely. I wanted love. I wanted food. I wanted special little donuts. And they never came....

So I shut it down. But to my surprise, I received a TON of wonderful emails and FB messages and comments on pages that people know I go to or run... and I felt the love. My cold heart was warmed. So I brought BGTMTDI back.

But here is the deal. I don't think I can reclaim the glory of 2 years ago when the blog was running full steam. Your input would be great, but I will post when the mood strikes, or news happens that I want to pass along... or an artist comes around that I want to shove down the throats of any little chicks that don't mind me barfing in their mouths...

"A man cannot change his way of life by changing his clothes nor by speaking with a different voice. To change basically, permanently and meaningfully he must reach down into himself and pluck himself out by the roots."

Sunday, March 06, 2011


My interview with Erik Stanger ov GRAMMAL SEIZURE is up at THE END OF BEING...

Read it HERE

Sunday, February 27, 2011


John Zewizz speaks on SLEEPCHAMBER; past, present, and future. Read it at THE END OF BEING web zine! READ IT HERE