Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GRAMMAL SEIZURE - AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010

When I make GRAMMAL SEIZURE recordings they are totally therapeutic to me. It’s a release that would other wise manifest itself in me harming myself amongst other things. When I record it’s just like painting to me, just an extension of being an artist. That’s probably why I quit playing in bands because I like to work alone for the most part, and you can totally do that with Power Electronics and make great music. And yes I totally like to assault the listener with the sound as well. I know that I enjoy the power of this music when it just steamrolls over my brain, it releases something inside. So I know other’s enjoy that feeling / sound as well. That’s the thing with power electronics, it’s not just a sound and there is really for the most part no melodic structure to follow… It’s chaotic and it’s a feeling. I enjoy that. People either like it or not… there is no in between ground in Power Electronics…
Erik Stanger - Famous When Dead (2009)

The mighty, mighty GRAMMAL SEIZURE returned this year with the magnificently powerful DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS. It had been nearly a year and a half break for GRAMMAL SEIZURE. Anybody who frequents this blog has heard enough free GRAMMAL SEIZURE to fill half an iPod. The tracks are always brutal. With release titles like "PLEASURE THROUGH PAIN" and "THE MECHANICS OF SUICIDE" Erik Stanger's GRAMMAL SEIZURE has been pounding peoples skulls and crushing peoples brains for 4 years!

Now comes the newest GRAMMAL SEIZURE release. "AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010" is a 20 track retrospective. It contains 7 unreleased tracks between 2007-2010, and the other tracks are off of the long out of print GRAMMAL SEIZURE releases between 2007-2010...

You can buy as "AUDIBLE TERRORISM a retrospective 2007-2010"well as "DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS" at the GRAMMAL SEIZURE web shop HERE


Sonic Protest Festival

The Sonic Protest Festival is a 4 days festivl around Paris (5th edition) where you can here a various range of musics including freejazz, improv, noise, etc...

Of particular interest to readers of this blog will be the April 7th date which will feature RAMLEH, and CLUB MORAL. Get me a recording of April 7th and I will name my next dog after you.

For more info go to www.sonicprotest.com for details

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Plastic People Of The Universe - Eliášův Oheň

"Eliášův Oheň" is actuall part of a box set simply titled "The Plastic People Of The Universe". This particular LP in the 8 LP set is titled " Eliášův Oheň" and features live performances from 72 to 76.

The Plastic People Of The Universe is a band out of Prague, Czech Republic. From 1968 to the late 1980's they were the premier underground band in what then called Czechoslovakia. By underground I am not talking about our modern definition of underground (face it, most of us are fat and happy with no real fear or repercussions for what we choose to listen too). Nope. Plastic People Of The Universe face persecution and arrest for being a band. Often credited as being the leader of the Máničky (aka hippies) and were harassed and often arrested for throwing gigs.

There are to many stories to cover in the blog here, but wikipedia offers a glimpse at the following links...

Other interesting readings;

Track Listing;
Indian Hay
Růže A Mrtví
Na Sosnové Větvi
Ach To Státu Hanobení
Eliášův Oheň
Phallus Impudicus

Get it HERE

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List: 3

"With the aid of electronic computers the composer becomes a sort of pilot ... sailing in the space of sound, across sonic constellations and galaxies ..."
Iannis Xenakis
I think this rounds out the collection.... Consider this my inaugural post after my temper tantrum. Oh, and by the way.... one thing I am NOT interested in is reposting older posts. Don't ask. I won't respond, and don't plan on reposting. All of the old posts are from a time now past...

Welcome to the future. I am Your future.

Amongs to quirky pop, drippy/dippy psychedelia, and artsy jazz on this - the third volume of The Nurse With Wound List - you will find some true inovation. Beginning with one of my all time favorite records "Geri Reig" by Der Plan. Remember as you listen to the track, it was written in fucking 1979/80!!! The quality is perfection in my ears.

Another jewel is the Iannis Xenakis. Xenakis recording are on par with Ruth White in terms of their revolutionary sound, and on par with John Cage with their sheer madness. Trying to pick out a Xenakis track was nearly impossible. So I chose one that I thought was annoying enough to turn a few of you off.... cause that's how I roll.

And yet another great track on here is "Toxika" by The Plastic People … Prague (aka The Plastic People Of The Universe). If you are unfamiliar with the awesome band from Prauge you MUST do your research. They are somewhat like Gong... only not at all. Search them out, and after you have listened to enough you might agree with me.

Track Listing;
San José Car Muzak - Der Plan

from 1980 LP Geri Reig
Summertime Blues - The Flying Lizards

from 1979 LP The Flying Lizards
Diamorphoses II - Iannis Xenakis

from 1972 LP Electro-Acoustic Music
Jazzi Jazzi/Der Geier Fliegt Vorbei - Tomorrow's Gift

from 1973 LP Goodbye Future
Lucifer - Dies Irae

from the 1971 LP First
Blue Sun - Blue Sun

from 1971 LP Blue Sun
Nirvana For Mice - Henry Cow

from 1973 LP The Henry Cow Legend
Rrose Sélavy - Juan Hidalgo

from 1977 LP Rrose Sélavy
Toxika - The Plastic People … Prague

from 1978 LP Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned
Rock N' Roll - Whitehouse
from 1980 LP Birthdeath Experience

Get it HERE

Thursday, March 24, 2011

As it is...

...I began to look at this blog as an anvil hanging around my neck. Every time I saw the book mark on fire fox for the blog I felt guilty. I felt like I needed to post something!!!! But I have never felt like posting things unless I was inspired. I honestly grew tired of posting DIJ, PTV, et al. I suppose I may do that again, but it has not been the focus for a while...

And when I did post, no one wrote shit back. I know I had said that I didn't post for the comments... but a guy gets lonely. I wanted love. I wanted food. I wanted special little donuts. And they never came....

So I shut it down. But to my surprise, I received a TON of wonderful emails and FB messages and comments on pages that people know I go to or run... and I felt the love. My cold heart was warmed. So I brought BGTMTDI back.

But here is the deal. I don't think I can reclaim the glory of 2 years ago when the blog was running full steam. Your input would be great, but I will post when the mood strikes, or news happens that I want to pass along... or an artist comes around that I want to shove down the throats of any little chicks that don't mind me barfing in their mouths...

"A man cannot change his way of life by changing his clothes nor by speaking with a different voice. To change basically, permanently and meaningfully he must reach down into himself and pluck himself out by the roots."

Sunday, March 06, 2011


My interview with Erik Stanger ov GRAMMAL SEIZURE is up at THE END OF BEING...

Read it HERE

Sunday, February 27, 2011


John Zewizz speaks on SLEEPCHAMBER; past, present, and future. Read it at THE END OF BEING web zine! READ IT HERE

Saturday, February 26, 2011


As promised, the new GRAMMAL SEIZURE release is now available!!!

Here is Dr. Stanger's write up;
I am proud to announce the first new GS recordings in over a year. And the first release put out on my newly formed DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS LABEL.... DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS is 7 tracks of pure hellish torment of the mind and soul.....
You can buy it HERE

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


GRAMMAL SEIZURE IZ BACK!!! And soon their will be a new release availiable. I highly recommend buying it as soon as it is out!! It will be on GRAMMAL SEIZURE'S own label, the newley formed DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS!....... here is part of Eriks write up.
...the good news is I have another ALL NEW release coming out this month on my label DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS © titled "DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS".... And I have a free single off the release for you all at the link below. This is going to be manufactured by Kunaki and will be available through their website... I will post the link when it is available....
That's right, more news coming. Erik took a year off, covered himself in MORE tattoos and started recording. This track KICKS SERIOUS ASS. If there was a house band for BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME TO DO IT, honestly... it would be GRAMMAL SEIZURE.

The track is called "Pathology"

Get it HERE

Monday, February 14, 2011


The free download is up! There is only 200 downloads availiable then it's all gone!!!!!! It's going to go quick (I am sure) so you should head over NOW and download it!!!!

Here is the write up on the release;
"OIZEREZSIN - 2 mixes from the upkumming CD SHARFORAMFORASH! they are still in there demo stage and have not been compressed. 7 produced, this being Rough mixes "FOUR HORSEMEN"...this track waz already started when John Zewizz waz doing hiz solo CD for the label Old Europa Cafe. This iz a group SLEEP CHAMBER track. Zewizz redid the track himself and changed the lyrics & concept to the track SPY vs SPY there also an appearance by P Emerson Williams ov VEIL OF
on cello. LA' MORT - This track waz rekorded by ZEWIZZ right before the STOLEN SLEEP CD aroumd 2006 but waz filed away & forgot about
since STOLEN SLEEP waz in motion and those sessions were taking major priority. It remained on the shelf with hundreds ov other unreleased trax till just recently it waz picked out to be listen too, Zewizz stated it probally will not be released, or at least he haz no plans to release it anytime soon. STAINED PRAYERS -This track waz rekorded in 1987-88. The band line-up waz; Zewizz, Briley, and Van Horn. This track and the next one, SABBATH 23 were being rekorded between the rekording sessions for SATANIC SANCTION and SIRKLE ZERO. This collection ov musick waz arranged by John Zewizz and there were plans to release it az a vinyl LP called SEREMONY but SATANIC SANCTION waz top priority and it overlapped to SIRKLE ZERO and the band waz in the middle ov a member change. It waz a very prolific time. SECRETS OV 23 waz also in the making. Musick waz being rekorded in 2 different studios & SATANIC SANCTION waz mostly done at John Zewizz's home studio and brought into Newbury Sound to be finished & mastered for production.
Track Listing;
1 4 Finger Oizerexsin (mix #1)
2 4 Finger Oizerexsin (mix #2)
34 Horsemen

4La Mort

5Stained Prayers (edit)

6Sabbath 23 (edit)

Get it HERE

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SLEEPCHAMBER 30th Aniversary

In the past 3 years SLEEPCHAMBER have released no less than 9 CD’s and 4 DVD’s, including a the John Zewizz solo CD “2012”. After a 8 year hiatus they suddenly pop up in 2008 and begin recording and releasing both domestic and imported releases. Now on their 3rd year since the resurgence they begin their 30th year with a Valentine celebration.
Valentine’s day SLEEPCHAMBER offers a present to The Ultimate Minority. For the second month in a row SLEEPCHAMBER is giving away a free single on their bandcamp page. This months free download is titled “THE SUN MAY SPEAK OF PLEASURES”. The first 200 downloaders get a peak at two powerful versions of a new track off the upcoming CD SHEMHAMPHORASH as well as unreleased tracks and two edited tracks from the SLEEPCHAMBER box set SIXSIXSIX. “THE SUN MAY SPEAK OF PLEASURES” features the incredible photography of Marc Blackie. Available Valentine day at inner-x-musick.bandcamp.com
Also available on Valentine day, in celebration ov their 30th year, SLEEPCHAMBER presents an anthology release titled “SACRIFICE”. The “SACRIFICE” Anthology will ultimately feature all thee musickal styles ov SLEEPCHAMBER. This first CD (Vol #1) is all songs. The second (Vol #2) will be the best of released and unreleased instrumentals. The 3rd (Vol #3) CD release will be where #1 left off. AND, there will be a box and booklet for the 3 releases to fit into… available sometime in the future.”
Also to be released on Valentine’s day “STRIPTEASE”. Another collections ov tracks from 1990-97. Nearly every track is an alternate version ov SLEEPCHAMBER classics. Included are alternate versions of “Snakebite”, “Animal Magnetism” and “Salome”, as well as a live version ov “Submit To Desire”.
Both “SACRIFICE” and “STRIPTEASE” available Valentine’s day at www.innerxmusick.com

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Erik Stanger/Grammal Seizure are back! Musick coming soon (I know of one track on an upcoming Inner-X-Musick release... follow the progress HERE!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List: 4

I think the addition of this one means that I only have one left to post. This is perhaps the most accessible of all of them.... except for perhaps "Crackle".... which is quite annoying really. Included on this, I am happy to report, is a track off the incredible "Alien Soundtracks" by Chrome and a groovy little ditty by The Pop Group.....


Track Listing;
Urban Sax Part 3 - Urban Sax

from 1977 LP Urban Sax
Don't Sell Your Dreams - The Pop Group

from 1979 LP Y
Poptones - Public Image Ltd

from 1979 LP Second Edition
Dragon Lines - Third Ear Band

from 1969 LP Alchemy
Chromosome Damage - Chrome

from the 1977 LP Alien Soundtracks
Life Stinks - Pere Ubu

from 1978 LP Modern Dance
De Brug Gaat Open/Berliner Neustadtlament/Stradivarius - Michel Waisvisz

from 1978 LP Crackle
Två Världar - Archimedes Badkar

from 1976 LP Archimedes Badkar II

Get it HERE

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ardecore - San Cadoco (2010)

Here is another present from the mysterious "O". Ardecore is an Italian group who would fall under the category of "tradional folk" of their mother countries past. But this release has a bit of a rock edge which almost made me leave it off this blog. My thought is, if you can hear it on the radio... why bother with it here.

But it has a pleasant vibe to it. Perhaps even a "world" feel to the release....

Let me know what you think.

Track Listing CD1;
1 San Cadoco
2 Meravigliosamente
3 Non Si Può
4 Santa Gilda
5 Tentazione
6 Il Nuovo Giorno
7 Per Quella Lei Ci Muore
8 Gronge Meraviglia
9 Oggi È Domenica
10 SNessuno Sa Più Bene

Track Listing CD2;
1 Visione In Sogno Della Città Delle Meraviglie
2 Io De Sospiri
3 Vola, Vola
4 La Povera Cecilia
5 I Biondi Capelli
6 Sesta Visione, Il Libro Che Vola
7 Te Possino Da Tante Cortellate
8 Nina Viè Giù

Get it HERE

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List:: 1

As the NWW List collections go... this one is epic. Obviously there is stuff here a lot of you (and me) know... but check out some of the surprises...

David Cunningham - Error System.... Is an absolutle bizarre idea put to music. Check this out (from the liner notes);
Error System: The players play a repeated phrase. As soon as one player makes a mistake that mistake is made the basis of his repetition unless it is modified by a further mistake. Thus each player proceeds at his own rate to change the sound in an uncontrollable manner. On no account should "mistakes" be made deliberately to introduce a change into a performance. In short...sustain your errors. The water piece and the guitar piece are analogous to this process. However the process is automatic here, an inherent quality to the machinery used. The numerical sequence used in Ecuador and Bolivia is: 11221111223332112222331112332233331122232 repeated three times. The last time, an extra 11 is tagged onto the end. Each number refers to a bar, repetitions of a specific number are uniform. Notated according to the Ecuador system, Venezuela is 11223344556677 etc. for each player except the musician supplying the constant pulse.
Great idea though!

Also, some great Jazz. Weird eh?

Don't forget... I have no idea if these are even the tracks that influenced the "List". None-the-less, they are artist featured on the list.

Track Listing;
Vom Himmel Hoch - Kraftwerk

from 1970 LP Kraftwerk
Selection 5 - Boyd Rice

from 1977 7" single Boyd Rice
Error System BAGFGAB - David Cunningham

from the 1977 LP Grey Scale
Pollution - Franco Battiato

from the 1972 LP Pollution
Mama Düül Und Ihre Sauerkrautband Spielt Auf - Amon Düül

from the 1969 LP Psychedelic Underground
Nothing To Declare - Wolfgang Dauner

from the 1970 LP Output
Bal Pour Un Rat Vivant - Komintern

from the 1971 LP Le Bal Du Rat Mort
WhyYou Can't Eat Carrots - Faust

from the 1971 LP Faust

Get it HERE

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lovac - Apes Of A Cold God (2010)

Here is a fun one from our friends at Soleilmoon Recordings. This one was also sent by "O". Lovac is a somewhat new band... well, actually they have one release on Douglas P. label under the name "Down In June".

"Apes Of A Cold God" is actually a quite good record. Combining this music with text fragments from Karl Marx, Antonin Artaud and Percy Bysshe Shelley your sure to find something you will agree with! No? Get over yourself.

Hey I got an idea, why not say "thank you" to "O" for sharing with us?!?!?!?

Track Listing;
1 Crkveno Zvono I
2 Murder
3 March Of Pride
4 Fiend
5 Filth Of A Paradise
6 Welcome
7 Apes Of A Cold God
8 Human/Race
9 Crkveno Zvono II
10 Spider/General
11 Pull The Trigger
12 I Spell B
13 Promet
14 City & Solitude
15 Visitors From China
16 War (Cause & Effect)
17 Cruel Ruler
18 Just Like Your Father
19 Crkveno Zvono III
Get it HERE

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kajkyt - Krst (2009)

How about a short break in the action between the Nurse With Wound List recordings. Yesterday in my email I got a gift from the incredibly handsome, elusive, and quite sexy "O". So... I thought I would start it off with a release by Slobodan Kajkut who is recording under the name of Kajkyt. I really don't know much about Slobodan but upon listening to the release I found it quite interesting. Here is the "Kajkyt" press release;
We´re glad to announce the first release of the new project "Kajkyt" of composer / musician Slobodan Kajkut for 19th of December 2009.

„Krst“ is a 75 minutes long dark electronic piece, combining minimal beats and atmospheric drones with brutal noise, accompanied by Byzantine influenced voice and choir.

The piece was created between 2005 and 2009 and has been mixed by Oktopus, mastermind of dark hip hop pioneers Dälek, at their Deadverse Studios.

The release comes as double LP box deluxe in a very limited edition.
Interestingly enough, I could only find bad reviews for this release. But since I enjoyed it, I guess they were all WRONG!!!!!!

Track Listing;
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Get it HERE

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List:: 5

Again... some stuff you most certainly recognize... and some REALLY weird shit. Have patience... "Sheer Madness" is exactly that. And, another wonderful highlight is Théâtre du Chêne Noir who I discovered is still active today (check it HERE). Also... a quick search of the net found the very quirky Family Fodder release HERE.

A number of these acts are exactly that... an act, or a theatre. Of course their is some cool Krautrock, Acid Jazz, and a little bit of Punk.

Don't forget... I have no idea if these are even the tracks that influenced the "List". None-the-less, they are artist featured on the list.

Track Listing;
Face A - Bernard Vitet

from 1972 LP La Guêpe
Afraid Of Being Bled By Leaches - Lemon Kittens

from 1980 We Buy A Hammer For Daddy
Darling - Family Fodder

from 1980 LP Monkey Banana Kitchen
Hortz Fur Dëhn Stekëhn West-Ïma Sürï Dondaï-Kobaïa Is De Hündïn - Magma

from 1975 LP Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh
5 La Vieillesse Et La Mort - Théâtre du Chêne Noir

from 1971 LP Aurora
Heinäsirkat - Sperm

from 1970 LP Shh! Heinäsirkat
Darling - Crass

from 1980 LP Stations Of The Crass
Sheer Madness - Orchid Spangiafora

From the 1979 Flee Past's Ape Elf

Get it HERE

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List: 2

At least two people asked for the rest of the series. So I reached in to the stereo cabinet (yes, I have a very 1980's looking stereo cabinet), reached around, and the first one I found was Number 2!

Number 2 has a couple of familar tracks (Throbbing Gristle and Posion Girls) as well as the bizarre jazz and noise artists from the 1970's.

Are you still entertained?

Don't forget my caveat; I have no idea if these are even the tracks that influenced the "List". None-the-less, they are artist featured on the list.

Track Listing;
Jump Mama Jump - Poison Girls

from 1979 12" single Hex
Maggot Death Live At Rat Club - Throbbing Gristle

from 1977 The Second Annual Report
Abricot - Arcane V

from 1978 LP Marron Dingue
Fesomies Urbanes - Companyia Elèctrica Dharma

from 1975 LP Diumenge
5 Tunnel 4, Red Noise - Patrick Vian

from 1976 LP Bruits Et Temps Analogues
Hitler Was A Vegetarian - The Residents

from 1969 LP The Third Reich 'N' Roll
Amboss - Ash Ra Tempel

from 1971 LP Ash Ra Tempel
Et Terre - Verto

From the 1976 LP Krig / Volubilis
Uzzek Of Rigel IV - Eiliff

from 1971 LP Eiliff

Get it HERE

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Satan’s Tastemakers Episode #4

If you haven't stopped by Satan's Tastemakers Podcast, you are missing an awesome opportunity to find new and FREE musick! Here's the write up on this weeks show
Satan’s Tastemakers, snuffled out and brought to you by the truffle pigs of free digital music P. Emerson Williams and TheeBradMiller.

This edition was gathered during a foray into the darkest woods of electronic, experimental and noise releases of the Bleak Label from Austria and the long-running CyberfArts label out of the Netherlands. We will hear from CyberfArts mastermind and the artist behind PAGAN GADGET, Dead Skull, Skattor Minox and many, many more Ferenc Teglas AKA DJ Vrhovny and Bleak label CEO Bernard Hansbauer.

Check it out HERE

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Nurse With Wound List: 6

The Nurse With Wound List. Are you familiar with it? Originally this list was featured on the first Nurse With Wound LP, "Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella". Since it's publishing the list has grown as a guide for would be collectors and purveyors ov the odd. Here is a wonderful write up on the list.;
To collectors of unusual music this list is legendary. It contains the found gems of obsessive collector [4] and musician [2] Steven Stapleton along with early NWW member John Fothergill. The List was originally included with Nurse With Wound's first two albums but was later expaned by the Freeman Brothers in their "The Audion Guide to Nurse With Wound" [5,6].

In addition to being a list of some of the most 'out music' artists around, it also is a list of the major influences of Nurse With Wound (as well as the Unitied Dairies label). The emphasis of this website is on the influence aspect. External links are provided (for the labels as well as the artists) for those wishing to explore them in a wider context.

Because the list only gives the artist names and not specific albums there is some debate over what the list refers to. Collector who blindly buy any album by the artists will end up with more than a few mediocre releases. My annotated list seeks to give a shortlist of recordings by each artists that most influenced their inclusion on the NWW list.
A couple of years back I decided to investigate further. Some of the artist I was familiar with, others were news to me. I assembled a series of CDs for listening to during my commute. Not sure how many I ended up with. This is the 6th in the series.

The musick here-within is an eclectic group. You will find the complex hard progressive rock of Food Brain, the amazing pioneers of Krautrock Gila, early electronica and tape delay with Terry Riley, the free jazz improvisation of Iskra 1903, the more familar Kautrock of Neu!, the space rock of Arzachel, the psychedelic and expiermental Brave New World, the weird Robert Wyatt (and I mean that as a positive way), and just the plain out their sensibilities ov the obscure Sally Smmit And Her Musicians.

Keep in mind, I have no idea if these are even the tracks that influenced the "List". None-the-less, they are artist featured on the list. If there is interest, I will post other mixes.... Enjoy... It's a trippy, jazzy, melodic, nosiey journey.

Track Listing;
Clock - Food Brain

from 1970 LP Social Gathering
Kollaps - Gila

from 1971 LP Gila
A Rainbow In Curved Air - Terry Riley

from 1971 LP A Rainbow In Curved Air
Improvisation 5018 - Iskra 1903

from 1972 LP Iskra 1903
5 Hallogallo

from 1972 LP Neu!
Metampsychosis - Arzachel

from 1969 LP Arzachel
Lenna - Brave New World

from 1972 LP Brave New World (Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley)
To The Old World (Thank You For The Use Of Your Body, Goodbye) - Robert Wyatt

From the 1970 LP The End Of An Ear
Part One (edit) - Sally Smmit And Her Musicians

from 1979 LP Hangahar

Get it HERE


NEW TBM!! Created while watching "La saga de los Dracula".

You can find it HERE.

Friday, January 14, 2011

For Kings And Queens - Marchantiophyta (2010)

Here is an ambient drone thing that won't bore your socks off. For King And Queens is an outfit out of Germany. Their site credits the band as a duo consisting of the ambiguous Mr. J and Mrs. B. Here is what they had to say about the release Marchantiophyta;
The Marchantiophyta is a psychedelic travel. It's a journey to our inner state of mind. The combinations of experimental and conventional sounds create massive clouds of sinister atmospheres. The layered textures increase the tensions of exotic darkness. The sinister timbres are seductive and jarring. The music deeply penetrates into our subconsciousness and can reveal internal pictures. As sound springs served admissions from the rain forest, a coffeemaker, a glas of water, little tubes, contactmics, guitar, various synthesizers and some effects.
Check them out at their web site

Track Listing;
1 Is There A Meaning To Music
2 I Knew Why The Caged Bird Sings

Get it HERE

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Salakapakka Sound System - Eyewitness Protection Program (2011)

God I love Salakapakka Sound System! Here is their/his latest endeavor. It is featured on the label "SPETTRO". Never heard of the label, but a look over their site looks like it will be worth quite a few trips back!


Here is write up on the release from SPETTRO.
"Eyewitness protection program is a compilation of tracks made in 2010 which did not fit or did not find place in other releases of that year. They represent a variety of Salakapakka Sound System sound: from dark & dirty ambient to guitar improvisation and pure noise with elements of thrash metal and even hardcore techno. This time Salakapakka Sound System used digital and analog synths, found sounds, samples, guitar & found objects."
So, download it... say thank you (you won't), support SPETTRO (you should).

Track Listing;
1 The Last Rays Of The Dying Sun

2 ##O++

3 Nobel Art Of White Slavery 1

4 Heatwave

5 Nobel Art Of White Slavery 2

6 Moth Man
World... Is A Pink Fairytale/Guitar Piece #5

Get it HERE

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Best Of 2010

I normally post a best of the year post at the end of the year. This year I was asked to participate in a community "Best of". It's on a web site that's not in English. But there are a whole bunch of different lists on it. Scroll through... take a look at mine, take a look at everyone eleses.... let me know what you think!


Thursday, January 06, 2011

P.S. Bingo - Beware (Remastered) (1986)

Originally released in 1986 as a split 90 minute cassete with If, Bwana and P.S. Bingo. Remastered and bestowed upon us by the saintly Peter. The original release was on Sound Of Pig (SOP24). This remastered verison clocks in at a little over 45 minutes of cool noise! Here is what Peter said:
The music began as a long jam in Tucson by me and a young gutter punk named John Langford (not the well-known Jon Langford of Mekons/Three Johns fame, obviously) using toy instruments and percussion recorded on an ancient reel-to-reel deck. Later, in San Diego, assisted by sometime PS Bingo member Joel Nowak, I slowed down the tape and layered loops and other recordings on top, as well as adding about 10 minutes of new material for the Sound of Pig Music release. The master I sent Al Margolis for the release was mastered at a really low level for some reason... most likely due to my general technical ineptness. Recently, I digitized the master and manipulated the EQ for a much fuller, louder sound. It's probably about 30 minutes too long, but is not without its charms.
The download comes with revamped cover art and credits. Don't forget to say thanks!

Track Listing;
1 Beware

Get it HERE

Saturday, January 01, 2011


For the month of January Inner-X-Musick is giving away the new track "Vinyl Venom Vixen"! Three versions of it actually! It is located at their "Bandcamp" site. Here is the write up;
FREE SLEEPCHAMBER SINGLE!! Free Download available as a free download from Jan 1st to Jan 31 2011. Contains 3 versions of Vinyl Venom Vixen (off the upcoming new CD SHEMHAMFORASH due out spring 2011). Only available during the month of January 2011!
Track Listing;
1 Vinyl Venom Vixen #1

2 Vinyl Venom Vixen #2

3 CeremonialJam (Live Mix)

1 Vinyl Venom Vixen (WBRS Soundcheck)

Get it HERE