Sunday, February 27, 2011


John Zewizz speaks on SLEEPCHAMBER; past, present, and future. Read it at THE END OF BEING web zine! READ IT HERE

Saturday, February 26, 2011


As promised, the new GRAMMAL SEIZURE release is now available!!!

Here is Dr. Stanger's write up;
I am proud to announce the first new GS recordings in over a year. And the first release put out on my newly formed DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS LABEL.... DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS is 7 tracks of pure hellish torment of the mind and soul.....
You can buy it HERE

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


GRAMMAL SEIZURE IZ BACK!!! And soon their will be a new release availiable. I highly recommend buying it as soon as it is out!! It will be on GRAMMAL SEIZURE'S own label, the newley formed DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS!....... here is part of Eriks write up.
...the good news is I have another ALL NEW release coming out this month on my label DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS © titled "DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS".... And I have a free single off the release for you all at the link below. This is going to be manufactured by Kunaki and will be available through their website... I will post the link when it is available....
That's right, more news coming. Erik took a year off, covered himself in MORE tattoos and started recording. This track KICKS SERIOUS ASS. If there was a house band for BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME TO DO IT, honestly... it would be GRAMMAL SEIZURE.

The track is called "Pathology"

Get it HERE

Monday, February 14, 2011


The free download is up! There is only 200 downloads availiable then it's all gone!!!!!! It's going to go quick (I am sure) so you should head over NOW and download it!!!!

Here is the write up on the release;
"OIZEREZSIN - 2 mixes from the upkumming CD SHARFORAMFORASH! they are still in there demo stage and have not been compressed. 7 produced, this being Rough mixes "FOUR HORSEMEN"...this track waz already started when John Zewizz waz doing hiz solo CD for the label Old Europa Cafe. This iz a group SLEEP CHAMBER track. Zewizz redid the track himself and changed the lyrics & concept to the track SPY vs SPY there also an appearance by P Emerson Williams ov VEIL OF
on cello. LA' MORT - This track waz rekorded by ZEWIZZ right before the STOLEN SLEEP CD aroumd 2006 but waz filed away & forgot about
since STOLEN SLEEP waz in motion and those sessions were taking major priority. It remained on the shelf with hundreds ov other unreleased trax till just recently it waz picked out to be listen too, Zewizz stated it probally will not be released, or at least he haz no plans to release it anytime soon. STAINED PRAYERS -This track waz rekorded in 1987-88. The band line-up waz; Zewizz, Briley, and Van Horn. This track and the next one, SABBATH 23 were being rekorded between the rekording sessions for SATANIC SANCTION and SIRKLE ZERO. This collection ov musick waz arranged by John Zewizz and there were plans to release it az a vinyl LP called SEREMONY but SATANIC SANCTION waz top priority and it overlapped to SIRKLE ZERO and the band waz in the middle ov a member change. It waz a very prolific time. SECRETS OV 23 waz also in the making. Musick waz being rekorded in 2 different studios & SATANIC SANCTION waz mostly done at John Zewizz's home studio and brought into Newbury Sound to be finished & mastered for production.
Track Listing;
1 4 Finger Oizerexsin (mix #1)
2 4 Finger Oizerexsin (mix #2)
34 Horsemen

4La Mort

5Stained Prayers (edit)

6Sabbath 23 (edit)

Get it HERE

Thursday, February 10, 2011

SLEEPCHAMBER 30th Aniversary

In the past 3 years SLEEPCHAMBER have released no less than 9 CD’s and 4 DVD’s, including a the John Zewizz solo CD “2012”. After a 8 year hiatus they suddenly pop up in 2008 and begin recording and releasing both domestic and imported releases. Now on their 3rd year since the resurgence they begin their 30th year with a Valentine celebration.
Valentine’s day SLEEPCHAMBER offers a present to The Ultimate Minority. For the second month in a row SLEEPCHAMBER is giving away a free single on their bandcamp page. This months free download is titled “THE SUN MAY SPEAK OF PLEASURES”. The first 200 downloaders get a peak at two powerful versions of a new track off the upcoming CD SHEMHAMPHORASH as well as unreleased tracks and two edited tracks from the SLEEPCHAMBER box set SIXSIXSIX. “THE SUN MAY SPEAK OF PLEASURES” features the incredible photography of Marc Blackie. Available Valentine day at
Also available on Valentine day, in celebration ov their 30th year, SLEEPCHAMBER presents an anthology release titled “SACRIFICE”. The “SACRIFICE” Anthology will ultimately feature all thee musickal styles ov SLEEPCHAMBER. This first CD (Vol #1) is all songs. The second (Vol #2) will be the best of released and unreleased instrumentals. The 3rd (Vol #3) CD release will be where #1 left off. AND, there will be a box and booklet for the 3 releases to fit into… available sometime in the future.”
Also to be released on Valentine’s day “STRIPTEASE”. Another collections ov tracks from 1990-97. Nearly every track is an alternate version ov SLEEPCHAMBER classics. Included are alternate versions of “Snakebite”, “Animal Magnetism” and “Salome”, as well as a live version ov “Submit To Desire”.
Both “SACRIFICE” and “STRIPTEASE” available Valentine’s day at

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Erik Stanger/Grammal Seizure are back! Musick coming soon (I know of one track on an upcoming Inner-X-Musick release... follow the progress HERE!