Tuesday, February 22, 2011


GRAMMAL SEIZURE IZ BACK!!! And soon their will be a new release availiable. I highly recommend buying it as soon as it is out!! It will be on GRAMMAL SEIZURE'S own label, the newley formed DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS!....... here is part of Eriks write up.
...the good news is I have another ALL NEW release coming out this month on my label DEAD BLOOD PRODUCTIONS © titled "DEATH HOUSE ACTIONS".... And I have a free single off the release for you all at the link below. This is going to be manufactured by Kunaki and will be available through their website... I will post the link when it is available....
That's right, more news coming. Erik took a year off, covered himself in MORE tattoos and started recording. This track KICKS SERIOUS ASS. If there was a house band for BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME TO DO IT, honestly... it would be GRAMMAL SEIZURE.

The track is called "Pathology"

Get it HERE

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